GST Currently Offer These Products:

  • Satellite Imagery
    • High Resolution (GeoEye, Digital Globe, Pléiades Dubaisat 2)
    • Medium Resolution (Spot, ALOS, Rapideye, Aster, DMC, Dubaisat 1)
    • SAR Data (TerraSAR-X, PALSAR, Radarsat -1 & 2)
  • Ground Recieving Stations
  • LiDAR Survey
    • Airborne
    • Mobile
    • Static 3D
  • Aerial Cameras
  • Airborne Hyperspectral & Thermal Imagery
    • Imaging Products
    • Supporting Products
  • Software
    • GIS (Cadcorp)
    • Remote Sensing (Envi, IDL, ScanEx, ScanMagic)
    • LiDAR (Virtual Geomatics 4D, Innovmetric Polyworks, Z-Map)
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