GIS Developer Tools

Supporting developers and systems integrators with tools for building and customising desktop GIS and web applications.

We provide the tools to enable developers and systems integrators to:

  • ActiveX SDK: build their own desktop applications
  • Desktop Add-Ins: customise and extend existing desktop products
  • GeognoSIS Developer: create their own web applications and services
  • Web Map Development: extend and modify generic web applications built by Cadcorp
  • Python: work with a high-level programming language


ActiveX SDK

An ActiveX development environment offering the GIS developer the full functionality of Cadcorp SIS desktop GIS products.
Unlike low-level component technology where most functionality must be built from scratch, the Software Development Kit (SDK) is a high level development environment, and includes components drawn from standard Cadcorp SIS interface assemblies.
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Desktop Add-ins

A high-level development environment for customising and extending Cadcorp desktop products.
Provided free with desktop products, and can be used to build routines, extend functionality, and customise interfaces and workflows.
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GeognoSIS Developer

Creating your own web applications and services.
Everything the developer needs to simplify and accelerate application development, including a copy of Cadcorp SIS Map Modeller for data creation.
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Web Map Development

Extending and modifying Cadcorp Web Map products.
Add-ins can be written to extend the capabilities of the website, and for developers to create their own websites, based on Web Map controls.
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Working with a high-level programming language.
Python in SIS, and SIS in Python.
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