Ground Receiving Stations

Personal ground stations to receive, store and process Earth observation images from space are the primary products of the ScanEx Research & Development Center.

Personal ground stations or terminals are antenna systems for receiving, storing and processing of Earth observation images. They have the following unique features, in contrast to the traditional systems for gathering information about the Earth from space:

  • moderate price
  • compact size
  • standard PC-based technology
  • easy-to-handle and integrated system for data storage, processing, and thematic analysis.

Personal ground stations are the key link in the main idea that our company seeks to put into common practice - to make access to remote sensing data more democratic, which implies cheap, simple and quick data access for the widest possible range of users.

A personal ground station - is the unique equipment, enabling the users to receive images of the Earth from space directly at their PCs.

We hope that having read this section you may start thinking about purchasing one of the stations presented here, or maybe even about arranging your own RS center. This would enable you to solve a wide range of practical tasks in such fields as meteorology, natural resources management, environmental monitoring, education and many other areas of human activities.

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Ground Receiving Antennas

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