Applanix POS AV System

Applanix POS AV System

The POS AV (Position Orientation System) is a hardware and software system specifically designed for direct georeferencing of airborne sensor data. By integrating precision GPS with inertial technology, POS AV enables geospatial projects to be completed more efficiently, effectively, and economically. Supported by Applanix’ industry expertise and technological innovation, POS AV is engineered for aerial cameras, scanning lasers, imaging sensors, synthetic aperture radar, and Lidar technology.

The POS AV is also available with an integrated flight management system, POSTrack. POSTrack is the first fully integrated, real-time direct georeferencing and flight management system designed for the airborne geospatial community. Purpose-built to reduce the costs associated with the preparation and implementation of airborne surveys, POSTrack minimizes mission planning and operational workload. Utilizing a combination of specifically developed software and hardware tools, the system combines the best of both technologies with all the functionality necessary to simplify and streamline today’s aerial survey and remote sensing operations.


  • Provides an accurate real-time and post-mission solution for all motion variables including sensor-specific
  • Exterior Orientation (EO) parameters using Direct Georeferencing.
  • Eliminates the requirement for aerotriangulation and a complete ground control survey (often only check points for quality control are needed).
  • Streamlines and automates the data workflow and quality control processes.
  • Allows for single stereo model mapping and single photo orthorectification using an existing Digital Elevation Model.
  • Improves productivity in traditional aerial mapping applications, which translates into operational time and costs savings, with increased accuracy.
  • Easily integrated with digital cameras, film cameras, Lidar systems, SAR systems, and digital scanners.
  • Ideally suited to inhospitable environments and rapid response applications where ground control is not available.


  • PCS: POS Computer System. Ruggedized, low-power, light-weight, small format, with built-in logging. Includes embedded state-of-the-art survey grade GPS receiver.
  • IMU: Inertial Measurement Unit. Ruggedized, state-of-the-art, small format, light-weight, with high measurement rates.
  • POSPac: Post-processing software bundle. Includes Carrier Phase DGPS processing, Integrated Inertial/GPS processing, and optional photogrammetry tools for EO generation, IMU boresight calibration and quality control.
  • Optional Integrated Track’air Flight Management System: Mission planning, pilot display, and in-air POS AV and sensor control for maximum in-flight task automation and operational efficiency.

These provided third-party specifications and information are provided as a courtesy to ITRES sensor clients. They are based on information available at the manufacturer’s website ( which should be consulted as the primary source for this information. POS AV is a trademark of ApplAnix Corporation

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