Optech CMS

CMS System Package (Image Credit: Optech)

Optech Cavity Monitoring System (CMS)

The industry-leading Optech CMS is an ideal scanning solution for dangerous and inaccessible cavities, improving safety in standard mining operations—the CMS head is extended into hazardous or inaccessible areas while the operator stands clear. Improve mine efficiency and operations by using accurate CMS data to gain insight into your mine’s actual structure. Use universally adopted data formats to incorporate CMS data into any software workflow. The system is easy to transport and set up and is fully programmable, allowing the operator to define scan parameters.

CMS Sensor (Image Crdit: Optech)

CMS Advantages

  • Accurate 3D models of cavities, to compare data quickly and easily
  • Real-time data visualization, to check data quality immediately before leaving the site
  • Wireless operation, to monitor operation from a safe area
  • Lightweight and portable, easily deployed with a single operator
  • Measurements to non-cooperative targets, so you get usable data regardless of harsh, wet, dusty underground conditions
  • Fast data acquisition time—get in, survey, and then get out quickly, reducing exposure to danger
  • PC or PDA operation, so you can choose your controller for portable and flexible operation
  • Universal data export formats to export CMS data into all third-party mine planning and visualization software and CAD platforms for analysis


  • Natural Resources
    • Geology, Mining & Geotechnical

CMS with standard tripod (Image Crdit: Optech)
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