Alice-SC™– ground station for remote sensing data reception in 1.7 GHz frequency

About the Station

Alice-SC™ (Image Credit: ScanEx)

Universal Alice-SC™ ground station is intended for receiving and processing of the imagery transmitted from polar-orbital satellites in 1.7GHz frequency.

The station provides for the RS data reception and processing from the following satellites:

  • MetOp
  • FengYun
  • NPOESS (to be launched in 2013)

Station Specifications:

Antenna typeaxially symmetric solid reflector
Type of positioner2-axis (X-Y)
Antenna tracking controlstep-type
Antenna reflector diameter, m1.2
Polarisationright circular
Working frequency band, MHz1,670 … 1,710
Digital data rate, Mbpsfrom 0.5 to 8.0
Modulation typeBPSK, QRSK
Noise temperature of the low-noise amplifier-converter, K65
Rotation range for tilt (Y), deg.-80…+90
Rotation range for elevation (X), deg.0 … 170
Max rotating velocity for elevation (not less than), deg./sec2
Max rotating velocity for tilt (not less than), deg./sec2
Dynamic tracking error (not more than), deg.2
Antenna system weight (not more than), kg40
Antenna system working temperature range, C- 40 … +50
Wind speed, m/s:
- working
- survival

Primary power supply requirements220 V, 50/60 Hz, single phase
Maximum consumed power, V*A300
Bit error probability at any satellite elevation over 5 deg.10^-6


MetOp image, AHRPT format Date of acquisition: 8 May, 2007  (Image Crdit: ScanEx)
FengYun-1D image, CHRPT format Date of acquisition: 20 June, 2007 (Image Crdit: ScanEx)
AVHRR image from NOAA-14. RGB composite (channels 2:1:5), Date of acquisition: 22 May, 2000 (Image Crdit: ScanEx)


  • hydrology, meteorology and weather forecast;
  • agriculture;
  • monitoring of forest fires and floods;
  • monitoring of sea ice and dynamics of snow cover;
  • education.


  • the antenna system;
  • the receiving unit with universal demodulator;
  • the computer interface board;
  • a set of connecting cables;
  • the software;
  • documentation.

Note: personal computer is not part of the standard Alice-SCTM delivery configuration.

Alice-SC™ installation requirements

To assure the best footprint, the horizon for the antenna system should be open from 5 degrees of elevation upwards in all directions.

The receiving unit for the Alice-SC™ ground station  (Image Crdit: ScanEx)

For quality reception the absence of radio interference at 1670-1710 MHz is essential (can be caused by transmitters of radio relay and troposphere communication services).

Installation site of the PC and the control unit (laboratory part of the systems) depends on the connecting cables length (maximum 50 m) and how they are laid towards the antenna.

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