Optech ILRIS

Optech ILRIS Terrestrial Laser Scanner (Image Credit: Optech)

ILRIS is a fully portable, laser-based ranging and imaging system for the commercial survey, engineering, mining and industrial markets. A compact and highly integrated instrument with digital image capture and sophisticated software tools, ILRIS is an industry-leading solution that addresses the needs of commercial users. It is field-ready and requires no specialized training for deployment. ILRIS is packaged for several applications, including automated monitoring and long-range scanning.

ILRIS-LR (Long range) (Image Crdit: Optech)


  • ILRIS-HD with ER

ILRIS Advantages

  • Long range
    • Market leader in range capability (exceeds 3000 meters)
    • Permanent mounted solutions
    • Out-scan and out-spec your competition
    • Fewer set-ups required
    • Scan from safe areas
  • High angular resolution
    • Market leader in resolution
    • Achieve the highest possible scan density
  • High accuracy and precision
    • Market leader in accuracy
    • Out-perform and out-spec your competition
    • Measure to non-cooperative targets
    • Automated monitoring solution
    • Snow, ice and wet surface capability
  • Unique dual-axis scan pattern
    • Generate gridded data as opposed to lines of data
    • Improve models
    • Improve data quality
    • Unique to ILRIS
ILRIS-HD (High angular resolution) (Image Crdit: Optech)


  • Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Rail
  • Natural Resources
    • Forestry
    • Geology, Mining & Geotechnical

ILRIS-HD with Pan/Tilt (Image Crdit: Optech)
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