Optech ALTM Galaxy

No more Compromises!

ALTM Galaxye (Image Credit: Optech)

Galaxy is the next generation of airborne solutions, packing more power and accuracy into a tiny footprint than any other sensor. Designed for everything from wide-area mapping to corridor surveys, Galaxy is truly a universal sensor that rivals larger systems with its ultra-dense data and industry-leading measurement precision and accuracy.

Galaxy’s new PulseTRAK™ technology makes surveying simpler than ever before by providing unique innovative feature sets that maximize productivity, increase information content and reduce overhead costs.

Whether installed in a tactical UAV , integrated in a helicopter pod for powerline surveying, or gyro-stabilized with an orthometric camera for wide-area mapping, Galaxy’s performance and capability is out of this world.

ALTM Galaxy Lidar Sensor Image Crdit: (Optech)

Galaxy and PulseTRAK™ Advantages

  • 550-kHz effective PRF provides on-the-ground point density and efficiency formerly reserved for dual-beam sensors
  • Continuous operating envelope replaces conventional multipulse technologies for complete coverage and more consistent point densities
  • Up to 8 returns per pulse provides increased vertical resolution of complex targets without the need for full waveform recording and processing (waveform recorder optionally available)
  • Swath Tracking Mode with dynamic scan field of view enables constant swath widths and point distributions over variable terrain.
  • High-torque, low-inductance scanner provides superior reliability and calibration stability
  • Programmable scanner enables dramatic point density increases at lesser FOVs
  • Innovative atmospheric point inhibitor enables cleaner raw data and significantly reduces post-processing filtering
  • Industry-leading data precision and accuracy for the highest-quality datasets possible
  • Wide dynamic range enables exceptional small-target detection capability and capture of even the smallest details
  • In-air lidar point cloud display for maximum collection confidence.
  • Real-time XYZI point clouds in LAS format enable immediate data deliverables.
  • Low power requirements and compact form factor provide platform flexibility.
  • Tight integration with Optech’s modular line of digital cameras (RGB, NIR, thermal, and multispectral) under a single flight management system provides excellent application flexibility and scalable data deliverables
  • Production-focused workflow software with automated calibration and boresight capability of both lidar and camera within a single workflow, enabling truly coincident datasets and quantified accuracies


  • Powerline and transportation corridor
  • Wide-area mapping
  • Natural Resource management
  • Defense & Security
  • Engineering and infrastructure modeling
  • Urban Mapping


  • Integrated multi-camera systems
  • Full waveform recorder
  • Multi-sensor fixed mounts
  • Gyro-stabilized survey kits
  • Helipods
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