MuSIC System

MuSIC System

MuSIC System – Multiple Sensor Instrument Controller

Multiple Sensors, One Control System

The optional MuSIC system permits the simultaneous operation of up to three ITRES hyperspectral imaging sensors using a single Instrument Control Unit (ICU), sunlight-readable video display (high altitude version available), KVM1 switch, and software controller.

1 Keyboard, Video, Mouse (Hardware switch used to alternately display activities of each sensor processor on the single monitor display).

MuSIC System Compatibility

Works with all ITRES imaging sensors (CASI-1500/550, SASI-600, MASI-600, TASI-600, TABI-320)

Software Features:

  • Simultaneously control and monitor up to 5 sensors using Windows™-based tabbed interface
  • Simultaneous three sensor image display
  • Real-time (RT) sensor health/signal plots
  • High visibility RT status lights (GPS, PPS, ILS, sensor health)
  • System status window
  • Built-in flight calculator


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