Natural Resource Exploration

Enabling the Exploration and Mining industries to find minerals and Hydro-Carbons.

GST provides high-quality, oil and gas prospectivity analysis, onshore and offshore, for E&P companies worldwide using innovative but proven methodologies. The first methodology involves remote sensing based on GET which is short for GlobalScan Explorer Technology. This method interprets satellite, cartographic, and geological data via five unique models to delineate contours of Hydro Carbon prospectivity. Naturally Adsorbed Gas Survey (NAGS), the second methodology, is a geochemical-based tool which uses an innovative model of the gas fields of the Earth characterized by analysis of adsorbed gases.

The following service offerings are available:

  • GET Express Analysis (regional-level remote sensing analysis)
  • Full GET Analysis (detailed, local-level remote sensing analysis)
  • NAGS Analysis (adsorbed gas geochemical survey)


GlobalScan Explorer Technology - GET


Naturally Adsorbed Gas Survey (NAGS)
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