Real-Time Processing System (RTPS)

Real-Time Processing System (RTPS)

Raw, Backup, & Processed Data in Hand Before You Land

Every ITRES instrument is radiometrically calibrated to exacting specifications before we ship it to you, so that you can have complete confidence in the accuracy of your sensor. We recommend that your imager be re-calibrated once per year (a service which is included with our Comprehensive Service Plan).

Some clients may wish to be able to perform their own calibrations at their own facilities. Supporting this need, we offer the Radiometric Calibration System.

This package includes all of the components required to confirm sensor performance specifications, complete a full system spectral calibration, and full training for your staff.

ITRES has developed SpaRCalTM (Spectral and Radiometric Calibration) system. Smart, feature-rich software that guides users through the processing and analysis of calibration data and the creation of calibration files for your ITRES hyperspectral or thermal imager. This software package is available in Windows or Linux.

We have also developed an optional Motorized Calibration Cart. The cart is a Light-tight, wheeled cart designed to be used and as a mobile calibration bench during calibration data collection with your ITRES hyperspectral imager. This allows sensor calibrations to be performed without the need for dedicated calibration room facilities. Featuring an internal 2-axis motorized bed controlled by a convenient handheld remote, the calibration cart allows users to adjust the position of the spectral light source in relation to the imager’s lens with ease and precision.

SpaRCal / CASI Plot Results

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Motorized Calibration Cart

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