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Fleet Management

GEMS brings effective solution to track and trace your resource online, guarantee job progress and enhance client satisfaction. Our solution automate and simplify the job scheduling and dispatch process of mobile workforces thus provides complete visibility and effective management of mobile workforce schedules, tasks, work orders, assets, timesheets, reporting and more. Modules for Work force management includes Geo-Data collector, Geo-Scheduler, Enterprise Resource Leveler, Geo-Tracker and Analyzer.

Workforce Management


Geo-Data Collector:

  • Collects location information of your customers such as Building name and other location details
  • Simply transfer the data from field directly to the System
  • Update and Maintain up to date customer information
  • Easy to use and cost effective tool to gather customer information
  • Analyze the collected data in a geospatial environment for future client prospects


  • Register and Maintain your contracts
  • Schedule your transport and materials along with your workforce
  • Ensures that your commitments to your customers can be supported by service operations
  • Manage unexpected events and suggest changes to the schedule to accommodate real-time situations while still maintaining optimal service levels
  • Find the right balance in order to execute high priority jobs with routine maintenance jobs – making certain that the low priority work still gets done, while ensuring operation efficiency


Enterprise Resource leveler:

  • Optimizes schedule for any given day of service
  • Improve an organization's customer service levels while effectively utilizing its resources.
  • Ensure that the organization has just enough resources with the right skills in a given territory at the right time to provide maximum demand coverage and resource utilization at minimal cost to the organization

Geo-Tracker And Analyzer :

  • Respond quickly when customer complaint about missed appointment
  • Address emergency SLA calls in real time
  • See how many staff are on Jobs or idle
  • Watch any violation from scheduled jobs
  • Assign new jobs on fly.
  • Analyze team performance in the field
  • Generate analytical Reports


Benifits :

  • Simplifies Field Operations
  • Effective usage of transport
  • Improves efficency and quality of work
  • Increases staff performance
  • Lowers communication cost
  • Reduce operational cost

Features :

  • Interface to Web and Mobile
  • Live Tracking
  • Multiple Geo-Fence Monitoring
  • Auto Scheduling
  • Real Time Work order generation
  • Play and Watch Route Traversed
  • Periodical Reporting of Work Force Location
  • Route Optimization
  • Material Delivery Tracking
  • Near Field Communication
  • Radio Frequency Identification
  • Dynamic work status Report
  • Summary Report
  • Violation Report
  • Attendance and Overtime Report
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