The CASI-1500 is a visible near Infrared (VNIR) sensor which offers an impressive 1500 pixels across its field of view, allowing you to image a vast area with a single pass, or achieve spatial resolutions as high as 25 cm using a standard fixed-wing aircraft.

ITRES has given this camera an extraordinary sensor array, plus amazing custom optics to provide you with razor sharp focus and superior sensitivity across the entire spectrum. Now you can operate under low light conditions and still acquire superb imagery. You will save valuable days, possibly weeks, on your acquisition project, and be able to accomplish projects that simply are not possible with other hyperspectral VNIR sensors.

All of our sensor products share a friendly Windows user’s interface and a design that has benefited from years of refinement. We stand behind the quality of the imagery from our mapping sensors, while our warranty and support program provides piece of mind for our sensor clients after their purchase.

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  • 1500 across-track: imaging pixels
  • Diffraction limited: optics (sub-pixel focus across the array)
  • Fully calibrated: system provides data in spectral radiance values (µWcm-2sr-1nm-1)
  • Free Spectral: range of 670nm, adjustable between 380nm and 1050nm
  • High spatial: (25cm to 1.5m) and spectral resolution
  • Spectral programming: to suit wide range of applications
  • Geo correction: Full geo-correction and orthorectifying capabilities, accepts Lidar, Ifsar, and USGS DEMs
  • GPS Integration: Integration with GPS and high precision altitude sensors for precise position mapping (INS/GPS)
  • Stabilized mount option

 (Image Crdit: Itres)


  • Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Water Quality
  • Forestry
  • Defence

CASI-1500 specifications :

FIELD OF VIEW40° Across-Track over 1500 pixels
CSPECTRAL RANGE650nm between 365 and 1050nm
SPECTRAL SAMPLESProgrammable, up to 288 (<3.5 nm FWHM)
APERTUREF/3.5 to F/18.0
DYNAMIC RANGE16,384:1 (14 bits)

* SNR is determined by many parameters, so that a single value is usually of little value in assessing a sensor’s response. The peak value quoted above for the CASI is a theoretical limit based upon the size of the horizontal transfer register and assumes spectral band summation. Practical limits for operational situations are significantly lower.

 (Image Crdit: Itres)

Supporting Products:

  • Applanix POS AV System
  • Precision Geocor System
  • Calibration System
  • Real-Time Processing System
  • MuSIC System
  • Hyperspectral Image Analysis Software
  • Remote Operation Capability
  • Airworthiness Certification
  • EMI Testing
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