The finest hyperspectral SWIR imaging system available today

The finest hyperspectral SWIR imaging system available today, ITRES’ SASI-1000A offers 100 bands of low noise, high fidelity imagery over the short-wave infrared spectrum.

The custom precision optics provide perfect focus across the entire spectrum. Sensitivity is preserved and infrared backscatter (which so often plague other SWIR instruments) is virtually eliminated.

We’ve also provided the sensor array with a powerful internal thermal regulating cooler. This virtually minimizes background noise, which seriously compromise image quality of SWIR systems that are not cooled to such low temperatures. The SASI-600 is one of the only commercially available pushbroom SWIR imager offering this feature.

These innovations mean that you will consistently produce the best hyperspectral-SWIR imagery possible with the SASI-600. Synthetic target mapping, high-fidelity classifications, geological exploration, plant speciation, and countless other applications are no longer limited by technology, but only by your imagination!

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  • 600 across-track: Effective 600 across-track imaging pixels
  • Internally cooled: Internally cooled sensor array (low background noise)
  • High SNR: High Signal-To-Noise Ratio
  • Diffraction limited optics
  • Perfect focus: Advanced custom optics produce perfect focus.
  • Backscatter Suppression: Internal backscatter suppression
  • noise suppression: Advanced Electronic noise suppression
  • 100 Spectral: 100 Spectral Bands

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  • Environment
  • Water Quality
  • Forestry
  • Defense and Target Detection
  • Geology, Mining Oil & Gas Exploration

Tabi-1800 specifications :

FIELD OF VIEW40° across-track over 600 pixels
SPECTRAL RANGE950 to 2450nm
SPECTRAL SAMPLES100 at 15nm intervals
DYNAMIC RANGE16,384:1 (14 bits)
DATA RATE (MB/SEC)16 (Mode 1), 9.6 (Mode 2: Preferred data rate for optimal image quality)
SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIOContact ITRES for SNR calculations/td>

 (Image Crdit: Itres)

Supporting Products:

  • Applanix POS AV System
  • Precision Geocor System
  • Calibration System
  • Real-Time Processing System
  • MuSIC System
  • Hyperspectral Image Analysis Software
  • Remote Operation Capability
  • Airworthiness Certification
  • EMI Testing
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