GIS Specialised Applications

Products tailored to meet the needs of specific industries or activities. Provided as extensions to Cadcorp desktop software.

Cadcorp offers a number of specialised vertical applications. Examples include the ‘Crime Analysis Toolkit’ for police; a ‘Workload Modeller’ for fire services; and a ’Housing Toolkit’ for housing associations.

Cadcorp has also developed generic capabilities as extensions to its desktop products which have utility across sectors - such as hotspot mapping. We also offer enhancements to routing, printing, and data export to DXF. Existing desktop users can apply these extensions as and when they require them.


Cadcorp SIS OS MasterMap Management

A set of utilities for managing Ordnance Survey mapping.
The utilities can load and structure MasterMap Topography Layer, Integrated Transport Network™ (ITN) Layer, Address Layer 2 and Imagery Layer data, and support multiple file and database formats.
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The Cadcorp Address Loader

Simplifying access to National Address Gazetteer data.
Addresses the requirement that AddressBaseTM data have to be loaded into a database before they can be used, and it simplifies the data loading process.
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Cadcorp Site Auditor

For the periodic inspection of field assets.
Cadcorp Site Auditor provides a streamlined process for generating a visual and auditable record of the location, time, and duration of site visits, and does so in a way that eliminates unnecessary paperwork.
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Metadata in Cadcorp SIS

A server based solution for creating, editing and managing spatial metadata.
Users can create, search, view, edit, import and export metadata from any Cadcorp SIS desktop product on the network, and search the repository from a web browser.
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Cadcorp Workload Modeller

Resource planning and performance monitoring for fire and rescue services.
Allows fire services to explore the likely effects of making changes to resourcing strategies by using realistic simulation modelling techniques.
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Housing Association Toolkit

Productivity tools that streamline map-based activities and processes.
Provided as Add-Ins to Desktop SIS, and address activities such as capturing property boundaries, adding T-marks, dimensioning, and identifying neighbours..
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Fire Service Incident Support Mapping

A stand-alone application to enable effective management of resources at major incidents.
A simple logical interface reduces the need for dedicated specialist users or complex training. It is a system can be used by full-time or retained staff.
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Hot Spot Mapping Using KDE

A Cadcorp application for mapping crime data and other data sets as smooth continuous surfaces.
Cadcorp offers Kernel Density Estimation (KDE) as a standard hotspot mapping technique in the Cadcorp SIS family of desktop GIS products.
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Crime Analysis Toolkit

A range of analytical tools to support Crime Analysts in their challenging role.
The toolkit includes hotspot mapping, periodic charting, and i2 Base integration, all as extensions to the Cadcorp SIS product suite.
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Cadcorp APP GIS Interface

Cadcorp GeognoSIS interface to Civica APP.
An integrated GIS interface to data stored in the APP system..
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