Live Tracking For Rental Cars

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Fleet Management

GEMS introduces State of the art fleet management solution for rent a car. Our solution is most comprehensive and simplifies for dispatch process of vehicles. Fleet Management System utilizes up-to-date technologies to manage the drivers and the fleet.

Fleet Management


Live Tracking:

  • Track your entire fleet on map in real time
  • Track zone wise or individual vehicle
  • Real Time Vehicle status updates such as On the Move, Idle, Start, Stop and Parking
  • Dynamic tracking report to see all the live status of vehicle on single click

History Tracking:

  • Play and see the traverse route for every individual vehicle
  • Activity report to visualize the complete vehicle movements
  • Summary report to know total Running, Idle, Stop and km driven for entire fleets

Geo-Fencing :

  • Lock your vehicles zone wise
  • Create Multiple Geo-fences and identify the violations
  • Modify Geo-fence on the fly
  • Polygon, point and polyline fencing
  • Define your own buffer for electronic fencing

Benifits :

  • Simplifies Field Operations
  • Effective usage of transport
  • Improves efficency
  • Increases driver performance
  • Lowers communication cost
  • Reduce operational cost

Features :

  • Interface to Web and Mobile
  • Live Tracking
  • Multiple Geo-Fence Monitoring
  • Play and Watch Route Traversed
  • Periodical Reporting of Fleet Location
  • Dynamic vehicle status Report
  • Summary Report
  • Violation Report
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