ALOS Prism (Image Credit: Satpalda) ALOS Avnir (Image Credit: Satpalda)

Advanced Land Observing Satellite, ALOS is a Japanese Earth-Observation satellite, developed by JAXA. The objective of the mission is to provide the user community with data of sufficient resolution to be able to generate 1:25,000 scale maps. It is one of the largest Earth observing satellites ever developed. ALOS has a GPS receiver and a laser reflector as tools for orbit determination. ALOS is continuously operating more than 4 years and it works very well. ALOS has three mission instruments i.e. an L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar called PALSAR, and two optical sensors called PRISM and AVNIR-2.

ALOS Specifications:

ResolutionPRISM (at nadir) 2.5 m
AVNIR-2 (at nadir) 10 m
Nominal Swath WidthPRISM(at nadir) 35 km x 35 km (can be up to 70 km)
AVNIR-2 (at nadir) 70 km x 70 km
BandsPRISM: 480 – 710 nm
AVNIR-2 Blue: 420 – 500 nm
AVNIR-2 Green: 520- 600 nm
AVNIR-2 Red: 610- 690 nm
Near Infrared: 760- 890 nm
Archive AvailabilityFrom 2006
Minimum Area of PurchaseFull scenes only
Stereo AvailableYES, PRISM only
Best Scale1:15,000 – (PRISM)
1:15,000 – (PRISM pan-sharpened AVNIR-2)
1:40,000 – (AVNIR-2)
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