Optech Lynx MG1 Mobile Mapper

Lynx MG1 System (1 lidar & controller) (Image Credit: Optech)

Generate rich mapping-grade lidar and image data from a vehicle at cruising speeds. The Lynx Mobile Mapperâ„¢ MG1 has a single 500-kHz sensor head, and is designed as a lower cost solution for projects requiring lower absolute accuracy than design engineering projects. For highly efficient image capture, the system control software enables you to select the camera image frame size. A complete software solution includes best-in-class survey planning, project execution, inertial/position processing, lidar post-processing and information extraction. The result: extremely dense data in a smaller project deliverable.

Lynx MG1 & Ladybug (Image Crdit: Optech)

Lynx MG1 Advantages

  • Precise and efficient 500-kHz lidar technology delivers engineering-grade detail
  • Programmable scanner speeds provide efficiency in survey planning and scheduling
  • Multiple mobile platforms facilitate expansion to road, off-road, rail and marine applications
  • Tailor results to match your project’s needs with up to two individually addressable cameras, each with independently scalable frame size and area
  • Reduce your data volume with flexible image capture
  • Automated lidar rectification algorithms maximize accuracy of airborne and mobile surveys
  • Flexible image capture reduces your data volume


  • Corridor & Asset
    • Asset Management
    • Utilities
  • Engineering
    • Rail

Lynx MG1 System (Image Crdit: Optech)


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