CS-MS1920 Aerial Digital Camera

CS-MW640 Thermal Camera (Image Credit: Optech)

Expand your business opportunities by combining and integrating the CS-MS1920 multispectral camera with other Optech cameras to create a unique airborne imaging solution that meets your business needs. The CS-MS1920 is based on a patented high-definition 3-CCD camera design with color-separating optics, which works together with large-format progressive-scan CCD sensors to maximize image resolution, dynamic range, and field of view. The Optech CS-MS1920 camera is the preferred choice for specialized applications requiring true multispectral capabilities, and delivers the ultimate in digital imaging quality. The one-inch HD sensor format provides the large pixel and sensing area needed for wide coverage and high dynamic range. Advanced features such as exposure control and white balance maximize usability. Video preview capability provides convenient progressive scan real-time display.

CS-MS1920 Advantages

  • 3, 4 and 5 spectral band configurations provide expanded applications
  • Ruggedized design and kinematic mounts for precise mounting
  • Geometric calibration for superior image quality
  • Designed for integration with lidar and cameras
  • 3 high-definition CCDs with high dynamic range and 400-1000 nm sensitivity
  • Prism beam splitter architecture with patented compensating optics
  • Georeferenced solutions with batch pre-processing for improved productivity
  • GigE interface enabled
  • Custom filters and polarization option
CC-R Camera Controller (Image Crdit: Optech)


  • Corridor & Asset
  • Defense & Security
  • Natural Resources
  • Surveying & Mapping
    • Disaster Management
    • Wide Area Mapping


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